Under the Light

Under the Light - Laura Whitcomb I've been experiencing a pattern: I listen to a young adult book on audio and love it, then read the sequel and find the magic is gone. Though I don't know what's to blame, this sequel was no exception. There was one idea in it that I loved -- that Billy and Jenny's spirits had met and fallen in love while they were out of their bodies -- but everything else seemed more like an attempt to respond to criticisms of the first book that a cohesive story. And there's one major cop-out. Surely Jenny was pregnant? I'm certainly not the only one who read it that way, at any rate. This book goes out of its way to make it clear that she is not and never was pregnant, while simultaneously having her mourn in a bizarre fashion. The ending is not plausible and kind of uncertain, which makes me wish I'd just stopped with the first book.