When We Touch (Whiskey Creek, #0.5)

When We Touch  - Brenda Novak This was a more interesting story than I expected. The basic plot is pretty over the top: Olivia's narcissistic sister Noelle stole her boyfriend Kyle, got pregnant, and is now insisting on a fabulous wedding; bizarrely, rather than supporting Olivia, her parents have asked her to plan the wedding so they can save money. Trying to save face, Olivia agrees, and finds unexpected support from Kyle's stepbrother Brandon, her one-time crush -- which sends both Kyle and Noelle into spasms of jealousy.It all sounds pretty crazy, but the voice of sanity in the book is Brandon, who tries to talk Kyle out of ruining his life by marrying Noelle -- despite the fact that he himself has always been interested in Olivia. Ironically, "bad boy" Brandon is the only one of all the characters who never behaves dishonorably.The tension was built up so well I genuinely didn't know how the story would end, and have been scouring the internet for any info about these characters in the future. Unfortunately, though this is the beginning of a series, it seems to be focused on other people than these four.