Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3)

Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3) - This was a very mixed bag. The plotting was excellent, which made me glad I finished -- and at times I was seriously tempted not to. And it was powerful to see Xander's point of view this time. He's been kind of a question mark in the previous books and here his character is laid bare, in a very satisfying way.What bothered me was the language, which felt so dumbed down. A barrage of short, declarative sentences, like a bad picture book, mixed with failed attempts to sound poetic and meaningful. There may have been some intent in this, but it really didn't work for me. Possibly if I had read the first book, instead of listening to it on audio, I would never have gotten this far.So I'm somewhat disappointed in this as reading experience, but it was pretty good end to the series.