Wish List

Wish List - K.A. Mitchell An enjoyable, believable look at a couple having a hard time expressing their desires to each other. Jonah and Evan have been together for two years when Jonah discovers a set of hidden wedding rings. The thought of being tied to vanilla sex with one person for the rest of his life sends him into a panic about all the things he's been curious about and never tried, particularly being submissive. But it turns out there's something Evan hasn't been telling him as well. Confusion, doubt, mixed messages -- all things we don't see much in romance in regards to sex, and all very realistic. Jonah even flirts with cheating but doesn't go through with it. This isn't really a Christmas story, but New Years Eve, with its symbolism of new beginnings, is important. The story felt a little scattered to me at times, perhaps reflecting the confusion felt by the characters, but ended on a very positive note as Evan and Jonah discover they can both get their needs met. Jonah's introduction to BDSM felt very loving and real.(reviewed from e-arc provided by netGalley)