Bending The Iron

Bending The Iron - Libby Drew A tender m/m romance about dreams, ruts, and responsibilities. Michael is only 26, but his life seems mapped out -- work at the glass factory, home to watch over his alcoholic grandfather, and then back to work again. An occasional trip out of town to get laid is the one break in the monotony, but in his conservative town an actual relationship is out of the question. Until an attractive man named Eric arrives to renovate the local train museum, and sets Michael to wondering is he possibly could have more.I found it refreshing that, unlike most romances, this doesn't idealize either small towns or blue collar work. It doesn't demonize them either, in my opinion, just made it clear that Michael wasn't able to get when he most needed from his current life. The romance is sweet and a little tentative -- Michael has to be careful with Eric, who's skittish after a traumatic relationship, and Eric has to navigate trying to help Michael see his potential without implying he's not good enough as he is. It's all about finding what you love -- the passions they feel about history (Eric) and architecture (Michael) are very much a part of the story, in addition to the passion they feel for each other. Michael's issues are wrapped up a little too neatly, but it's a good, quietly emotional story.