Junk - Josephine Myles Junk has such a great hook, and it delivers on it, too. The main characters are Jasper, a quiet, lonely librarian who's become a hoarder since the death of his mother, and Lewis, his hired counselor. As Lewis helps Jasper deal with his dangerously overwhelming book collection, the two become increasingly attached, but Lewis not only worries about the ethics of being involved with a client, but fears it's just psychological transference on Jasper's part.I have some hoarding issues myself -- what true book lover doesn't? -- and I felt that Junk really got the psychology of it right. Lewis also has some compulsive shopping issues, which seemed very realistic; he has a lot of patience and understanding of Jasper's needs. The process they go through is really fascinating, and the romance very sweet. One of my pet peeves in romance is the character who's faced endless rejection because of some minor physical flaw -- in real life, everyone has imperfections and attraction can encompass them. Here, Lewis sees Jasper's nervous tic as endearing; Jasper finds Lewis' acne scars "rugged." It's kind of a quiet romance, but very tender.