College Boys (Men of Holsum College, #1)

College Boys - Daisy Harris 3 1/2 stars. If you ever watched the old movie "The More the Merrier" and melted at the romance when the two main characters whisper to each other through a wall -- and if you also enjoy reading about hot gay sex -- this is the book for you. Chris is seeking privacy when he moves into a single dorm room; his roommates are good guys, but uncomfortable with his lingering grief over his mother's death. But the new single is far from private -- a remodeled double, it has a dividing wall so thin, it's impossible not to hear everything going on next door. Chris already knew that his next-door neighbor Peter was gay, but listening to him enjoying some porn makes that fact crystal clear. And it's surprisingly interesting.Meanwhile, Peter is trying very hard to get over his crush on his straight neighbor, which can only lead to heartache. But the enforced intimacy just brings them closer and closer, until Chris is joining in on Peter's fapping sessions. And then they plan a meeting on the same side of the wall...I loved the deliciously slow build-up to this relationship, filled with uncertainty and tentativeness that only made the attraction burn hotter. By contrast, the last section of the book seems rushed, as if dashing to get to certain romantic/erotic elements in a hurry before it ended. I'd have liked it better if it had been either longer, with more depth to the relationship, or shorter and more open ended.I guess this would get classified as a "gay for you" story but as it's written, it's more as if Chris was never really that comfortable being straight but just didn't realize he had options. It takes a bit of adjustment, especially since he's a jock with friends who indulge in casual homophobia. But there's just a nice dollop of angsting about it, nothing too frustrating that would make you wish Peter would just show him the door. Though come to think of it, Harris missed a great opportunity to use a "tear down the wall!" metaphor.This really brought a smile to my face. I'll be looking for more Men of Holsum College.