How to Repair a Mechanical Heart

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - J.C. Lillis SWEET TANDOORI CHICKEN HEAD, I loved almost every second of this book! It started out so heartbreaking, but then switched gears to become utterly gleeful -- I hated that it was a book and not a movie I could watch with someone else, while we both chortled and went "hot damn!" Then it went to what I feared would be an unbearably awful place -- but no, it was just absolutely perfect. High school senior Brandon is technically out, but he's still trapped in a closet of his own mind, miserable at what feels like a betrayal of his family and their faith. With his friend Abel, co-host of their "Castaway Planet" fan vlog, "Screw Your Sensors," he puts on a show of being as carefree and open as Abel is, hiding his inability to actually date with a cheater-ex cover story; his alter-ego is Sim, the blissfully emotion-free android companion of Castaway Planet's Captain Cadmus, Then he, Abel, and Brandon's oldest friend Bec go on a tour of Castaway Planet conventions, with the goal of disproving the ridiculous fangirl "shipping" of Sim and Cadmus -- a goal which pisses some fangirls royally off, in a way that will change Brandon's life forever.I don't want to go into plot details, because I loved the surprises so much, but this was a brilliant coming of age story, a touching romance, and the most honest, loving immersion into fan culture I've ever encountered. I'm not enough of an insider to swear it got everything right, but I felt like I was there. The writing is sharp, evocative and full of nuance; there's so much going on and all of it gets its due. I hate that this is digital only, because every young adult library in America should own it.