One Night with You

One Night With You - Sophie Jordan A Regency-ish romance so cliched, it just begs for a "Romance Convention Checklist" ala "Gossamer Obsessions" :One philandering dead husbandOne widow yearning for childhood loveOne lecherous brother-in-lawOne faithful old retainerThree obnoxious childrenOne guilt-ridden brother/icy-hearted spurned loverTwo secret trips to masquerade ballsOne puzzled attraction to two people, who are actually the same personAn interminable number of ridiculously delayed marriage consummationsOne blind sister who proclaims, "the only one blind here is you."One child/pregnancy-studded epilogueStill, despite the cliches and less than stellar writing, this is enjoyable enough if you're looking for an undemanding, quick read.