Water Bound (Sea Haven: Sisters of the Heart Series #1)

Water Bound - Christine Feehan 3 1/2 stars. Water Bound was recommended to me because I'm interested in depictions of autistic people, and it is indeed the most nuanced, tender portrayal I've ever read. It also gets things right, particularly in regard to the serious sensory issues that often accompany autism. Rikki is no robot stereotype, but a caring, sensitive person; the book is very honest about her challenges, but shows they aren't nearly as significant when they're understood and accommodated.I loved Rikki, and the romance was very sweet, but the book as a whole was a little slow-moving; I guess I prefer more action and less woo-woo in paranormal romance. The suspense elements also end a little anticlimactically. This is the first in a series, but very connected to the previous "Drake sisters" series. It wasn't too hard for me to follow, however.