Lord's Fall (Elder Races Series #5)

Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison 3 1/2 stars. Romances that continue the story of established couples often don't work for me: either they have too little conflict between the adoring characters or they artificially create conflict in a way that stops the story dead in its tracks. Harrison strikes the right balance here. There's romance, there's some conflict, there's development of the relationship, but there's also a story and the elements are all nicely woven together.The fifth book in the "Elder Races" series. Lord's Fall once again focuses on Pia and Dragos, the main characters of the first book. Pia, now pregnant, is hoping to patch up the diplomatic disaster caused by Dragos intruding on Elven territory when they met -- the downside is being separated, not to mention being guarded by a far from friendly Wyr team she dubs "the Psychos." But Pia's mission takes her into unexpected danger, which tests her mate's ability to trust and let go.I had a little trouble getting into the book at first, because political plots bore me. When things moved into a more immediate, emotional situation, the story became much more engaging, and it ended on a powerful and touching note. There are lighthearted moment too, like Pia's frenemy relationship with her guard Eva; my favorite was Pia and the avaricious Dragos choosing wedding bands, during which she has to firmly tell him that no, "We do not need this whole tray of rings."I wouldn't recommend this unless you've read Dragon Bound, and having read all the books in the series would be optimal. I'm a little behind and occasionally felt a bit lost. But if you loved Dragon Bound, this is a delightful reunion with the "Powerful as shit and older than dirt" Dragon and the woman he loves more than any treasure.