Wait for Me

Wait for Me - Elisabeth Naughton Spoiler-free review. (And there's a lot to spoil.) Wait For Me is so seriously implausible, you might want to think of it as science fiction rather than romantic suspense. (I was, in fact, strongly reminded of a particular episode of "Star Trek: Voyager.") Once the premise is accepted however, it does an excellent job of showing what it might be like if this bizarre event actually happened, with results that had my heart breaking and my hands glued to my ereader. What happened is so awful, and the characters are in so much pain, torn between fear and hope.Towards the end I was somewhat impatient with Kate; her confusion and fear were understandable, but she reacts in typical TSTL heroine fashion by refusing to consider that she's likely in danger, and then jeopardizes her relationship with her child in a way I found hard to forgive. Still, the story was utterly riviting.