The Soldier (Duke's Obsession, #2) - Grace Burrowes 3 1/2 stars. This sequel to [b:The Heir (Duke's Obsession, #1)|8696975|The Heir (Duke's Obsession, #1)(Windham, #1)|Grace Burrowes||13569624] has many of the same virtues and flaws as that book. The main virtue is the affectionate, intimate tone: her books are filled with nurturing, and good food, and loving caresses. Emmie, our heroine this time, is a baker, and most of the conversations in the story seem to happen over apple tarts. Which brings to mind one of the book's flaws -- a tendency to repetition. It was lemonade last time -- this time it's apple tart and menses. I'd be much happier if it had just been apple tart.I really loved the character of Devlin St. Just, who is not just a soldier but has been gallantly soldiering on through confusion, abandonment, and assumed responsibility for much of his life. Now the war is over and he has to deal with its ugly psychological aftermath, but is trying not to get sucked into alcohol and self-pity.The plot was hard to follow at first; I had to reacquaint myself with plot points from The Heir, some of which had been confusing in that book too. (There's a lot of backstory that hasn't been fully revealed yet.) And there were some probable language anachronisms that were a bit jarring. But the main reason I didn't like this story quite as much as The Heir was that I really couldn't follow Emmie's logic, and her actions made no sense to me.Still, it was a warm, tender read that made me tear up a few times, so I would recommend it.