The Wedding Fling (Harlequin Blaze Series #734)

The Wedding Fling (Harlequin Blaze #734) - Meg  Maguire Hollywood actress Leigh Bailey isn't much looking forward to the circus of a wedding her parents are planning for her. It all seems far away from the more down-to-earth life she and her fiance Dan used to have -- and sadly, Dan seems far away too. Leigh's counting on their secluded honeymoon to bring them back together.Then a call-waiting flub changes everything and a hurt, humiliated Leigh dashes off to her honeymoon in Barbados -- alone. Not for long though, because the resort pilot is a good-looking guy named Will, whose relaxed attitude towards life is just what Leigh needs.Though it has a few pleasing helpings of angst, this isn't really a heavy book. Much of the story is told in a lighthearted vein, like Leigh's imaginings as she indulges in comfort food: "Following an apparent cry-for-help binge, Leigh Bailey was found unconscious the morning of her wedding from an alleged peanut butter overdose. Doctors administered grape jelly intravenously, and the actress is now listed in stable condition." As you'd guess from the blurb, Will is not entirely on the up-and-up with Leigh, but he's not inherently a jerk and has serious qualms about being a bad guy: "with just a few innocent scraps of gossip sold to the tabloid, he'd be sitting pretty. He liked Leigh, though. He wouldn't share anything unflattering, and no photos. Still, the prospect sat heavily in his chest now, his golden opportunity having grown sharper and rustier barbs as he'd gotten to know this woman, uncertainty punching holes in his resolve."I did think the story could have used more fall-out from Dan's betrayal. I didn't mind Leigh falling for Will so quickly, because it's established that her relationship had been pretty sterile for some time, but it seemed like such a massive betrayal should have had a more profound effect on her. Perhaps that would have made the book more angsty than Blaze audiences are looking for.I'm wavering between 3 1/2 and 4 stars for this. I finished it feeling well fed and satisfied, but it didn't really stick to my ribs; a few days later, I was having trouble remembering what I liked about it, though picking it up again brought back the humor and likability of the characters. Overall, it was an enjoyable diversion.(reviewed from e-arc provided by netGalley)