Wild Hearts (Lone Star Sisters, #0.5)

Wild Hearts (Lone Star Sisters, #0.5) - Susan Mallery The prequel to Mallory's "Lone Star Sisters" series -- which has virtually nothing to do with the series -- has one of the most appalling set-ups I've encountered. Favorite boy Zeke Titan has made such a practice of "ruining" the young ladies of Titanville, the town has struck a deal with him --if he leaves their local women alone, he gets the the town schoolmistresses, provided he marries them off when he's done. So it's nothing new when Zeke decides to help out the town by seducing the annoying new schoolmarm who has their women getting ideas . And this is supposed to be our hero, and his charming small town. Actually, I take it back about this having nothing to do with the series. It explains a lot about why the Titan family is so thoroughly dysfunctional.I gave this three stars and I really have no idea why.