The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin (Harlequin Presents)

The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin - Kate Hewitt 3 1/2 stars. [b:Texas Destiny|1814627|Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy, #1)|Lorraine Heath||462221] Harlequin Presents style. :-) Honorable and guilt-ridden brother of a Arabian king must deliver his princess to him, but of course they fall in love. I like this sort of plot, but had a few issues with the book. I think the author tried to get the cultural details correct, but the attitudes of the heroine towards her culture niggled at me. It makes sense that she'd have picked up a lot of Western ideas at college in England, but there's no balance to her point of view, so it comes off as kind of sneering. And though I love an honorable hero, there was too much effort on the heroine's part and too much resistance on his.It's good storytelling, so if you enjoy this plotline you'll probably like it.