Bittersweet - Noelle  Adams 3 1/2 stars. This is typical Adams relationship + lots of baby, and since I get enough kid in real life, I almost gave up on it. Then it went to kind of an unusual place and I decided to stick it out.College student Zoe thinks her lunch buddy Adam is pretty cute, but she's gotten used to the idea that he only thinks of her as a friend. Then he introduces her to his gorgeous cousin Josh -- and that's all she wrote.Except that five years later, Josh has died, leaving Zoe the heartbroken single mother of a 6 month old baby. Adam had drifted out of their lives, but under instructions from the dying Josh to take care of her and Logan, he now slips into the role of comfortable family friend. But as time goes on, Zoe's feelings towards Adam start to feel less and less just-friendly, leaving her guilty and conflicted.This was reminiscent of an old category novel, in that it's all told from Zoe's perspective, but things keep happening that reveal Adam's unexpressed feelings to us, if not to Zoe. It's all kind of predictable, but well executed and enjoyable. The gradual change in Zoe's feelings, as she begins to recover from her grief, is also well done.The aspect of the book that really caught my attention is that Adam is highly intelligent, and has a passion for history. Usually in second love stories, the new love is shown as more of a laid back, regular guy than the first. This isn't a huge part of the story, but I liked it.I'm rating this down because it really needed more editing, but my enjoyment level was closer to 4 stars.