Man in Control

Man In Control - Diana Palmer I was in the mood for typical Palmer, and this fit the bill pretty well. The hero is much less of a jerk than usual -- that is, he's only outrageously mean to the heroine one time, and that by accident.The ending trails off with several plot issues unresolved, probably to come up again in later books in the series. The plot was pretty nonsensical anyway, so it doesn't matter much. One thing that irked me a little -- Jodie starts the book having lost a considerable amount of weight, and Alexander tells her several times that she was fine the way she was before. Which is certainly nice, but why not just have her stay a larger character? Also, I would really have liked Jodie to kick Alexander in the pants at some point for correcting the loveletter she sent him as a teenager. Or at least give him a copy of [b:Up the Down Staircase|160320|Up the Down Staircase|Bel Kaufman||154741] to teach him a lesson.