Perfect Marriage

A Perfect Marriage (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #621) - Laurey Bright Like all romance with an adultery theme, this was a challenging read. Childhood friends Celine and Max have a marriage based on liking and compatibility… not perhaps the best basis for weathering difficulties. When Max reveals that he's fallen in love with another woman, Celine discovers too late how much she really loves him. Or is it too late?I found this offputting at first, because it seemed as if the story was subtly blaming Celine for Max's affair -- she didn't make enough effort to look attractive for him, was too busy to go away with him, ignored his signals that something was wrong, and so on. But it gradually becomes clear that the truth is more complex and that both of them have made significant mistakes. It's an excruciatingly emotional story. Celine suffers a lot of humiliation, though Bright backpedals on some of it, in an effort to make Max less of a douchebag, I guess. I can see why some readers really hate him, but I did understand how he came to screw up so badly, even if I did want to kick his teeth in a few times, and think he gets off easier than he deserves. This is a pretty realistic story -- to the point that I felt terrible for the other woman -- and read with that in mind, it's satisfying.