A Legacy of Secrets (Harlequin Presents Series #3138)

A Legacy of Secrets - Carol Marinelli Ella, PA to filmmaker Santo Corretti, knows very well what her playboy boss is like. After all, how many times has he called her at in the middle of the night for emergency condoms -- or even once because he'd forgotten his date's name? She's insisted that it be just business between them, but with a new job in the offing, her resolve slips -- after all, it can't hurt to have a fling if she goes in with her eyes open. But the Santo she gets is not the Santo she thought she knew.The first in a multi-author series centered on family secrets is a surprisingly light-hearted, charming read. Santo is more of a lovable scamp than the usual dark alpha type, and the developing relationship between him and Ella is unexpectedly plausible, because they bond over the creative aspects of filmmaking. (The scenes about the movie they're making were my favorite and I hope there'll be more in the next book, which is about the lead actress.) Santo did tick me off by accusing Ella of playing games and being unfair to him, which was a pot/kettle situation if I've ever seen one. Marinelli has a slapdash style and at first I kept tripping up on oddly arranged sentences like "Now, with one kiss, a little better she understood." But after awhile, it just seemed to suit the lively mood of the book and no longer bothered me. (reviewed from e-arc provided by NetGalley.)