The Seduction Hypothesis

The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden There's a scene in [b:The Theory of Attraction|13646578|The Theory of Attraction (Science of Temptation, #1)|Delphine Dryden||19264319] in which Ivan tries to learn how to be social at a party and winds up inadvertently dominating his neighbor's girlfriend Lindsey into revealing more than she meant to. As it turns out, that experience had an effect on both Lindsey and her boyfriend Ben. "In Ben's mind, Ivan had become some sort of emotional wizard, able to coax truths from Lindsey's soul," and his jealousy drove him to break up with her. He wasn't entirely wrong, though Lindsey isn't actually hot for Ivan. "What really fascinated her wasn't exactly Ivan himself. It was them. The way they were together, the way he looked at Cami, touched her. There was something intense there, some undercurrent of connection that got to Lindsey every time she sensed it. But it was hard to explain to your jealous ex-boyfriend that you had a crush on a dynamic." Especially since Lindsey's subtle attempt to reveal her new interest in D/s had brought on a lecture from Ben about objectification of women.So the relationship is over, but their planned trip to BeastCon with Ivan, Cami and some other friends is still on, giving Lindsey a chance to experiment with cosplay as kinky comic book character "Sub Red." And giving Ben new insight into what Lindsey really wants -- if he can just figure out how to give it to her.Dryden did a great job of creating a premise for a sequel to a book originally intended to stand alone, telling a very relatable story about how relationships can go wrong when people aren't upfront about what they want. It's also an unusually realistic and lighthearted look at trying out something new sexually, with accompanying screw ups and laughter as well as hot sex. I loved Ben working on finding his effective Dom persona, who he envisions as "a cross between Mister Spock and Professor Snape." I also enjoyed seeing Ivan and Cami again, believably coping with how Ivan's issues are exacerbated by being at the crowded con, while still very happy in their D/s relationship.The intensity level isn't very high, and I was kind of irked by Cami's attempts to explain D/s with evolutionary psychology, but I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys more realistic portrayals of sex and delights in nerdy characters.(reviewed from e-arc provided by NetGalley)