A Negotiated Marriage

A Negotiated Marriage  - Noelle  Adams 3 1/2 stars. Noelle Adams said that one of the reasons she chose a different pen name for [b:Escorted|17206996|Escorted|Claire Kent|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357264066s/17206996.jpg|23585161] was because she was trying to work on a brand for her Adam's pen name and it didn't fit. I now find that kind of funny, because I would almost certainly have guessed that this book was by the same author: not only is the writing style very characteristic, but it's almost exactly the same basic story, albeit in a more conventional romance framework. Told entirely from the point of the heroine, a style Adams does very well, it's about a successful convenient marriage that starts to get tricky when sex is negotiated into the arrangement. Molly thinks she can enjoy no-strings sex with her own husband, but finds his new tenderness and passion irresistible. But she was badly burned before when she tried to change the rules in a no-strings affair.Although the author breaks a number of stylistic "rules" (mainly telling instead of showing) I found her voice refreshing; the contrast between the apparent passionless openness of the characters as they "negotiate" and the emotions that are generated is unusual and compelling. If I hadn't read Escorted and found it more interesting (though sloppier) I probably would have rated this higher, but the echoes spoiled it some. I'll still look for more of Adam's books in the future.