Marrying Marcus

Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, #21) - Laurey Bright This is a less over-the-top version of a common category romance plotline. Jenna is devastated when Dean, the man she expected to marry, comes home engaged. She thinks his brother Marcus is helping her out by distracting her and pretending to be interested in her -- of course, we the readers can tell that there's more to it than that. Jenna realizes that the quiet man she thought of as an older brother makes her feel far from sisterly, and agrees to marry him. But then Dean's fiance dumps him, and Marcus starts acting oddly...This was a good, quick read that does a nice job with the heroine-only point of view. There are misunderstandings and jealousy, but Marcus never descends into alphole behavior. I thought the sex scenes read slightly awkwardly, but the intensity level stayed at a enjoyable simmer.