Satan's Contract

Satan's Contract - This was a lot less crazy than I was expecting -- I'd say just crazy enough. It's a fairly typical plot: upper crust Pippa is blackmailed into marriage by the new heir to her family fortune, Shaun. Of course he thinks she's a mercenary slutty snob and of course she encourages him to think that. It's not totally cookie-cutter though. I get very fed up with characters who sacrifice themselves for their loathsome family, so I enjoyed the fact that Pippa knows her parents are loathsome and would happily let them stew in their own juices. She agrees to marry Shaun partially because she feels guilty about all the people her father scammed and partially because she's really hot for him and knows it.The prose gets repetitious in place, but mostly this was a lot of fun, if you enjoy the vicious caveman sort of romance hero who's really a marshmallow at heart. Some good steam too -- literally, by the last scene.