How to Be Black

How to Be Black - 3.5 stars. I had to laugh when I started this book and read "Even if you're reading the book years after its original publication, it's probably February-ish on your calendar." I swear, I first heard about this book in January, from someone on my friend's list, and my library hold didn't come through til February!This is a somewhat uneasy mix of genuine memoir and satire about black stereotypes, and I found it enlightening, mostly goodhearted, but more amusing than laugh-out-loud funny. Quite possibly it would be funnier to me if I were black and had shared some of the author's life experiences -- though I did spend a fair bit of time wondering, "Oh man, am I that asshole he's talking about?" I think I enjoyed the memoir parts the most -- though they're occasionally somewhat harrowing, so perhaps enjoyed isn't the right word. Let's say appreciated. The underlying message is there is no one right way to be black, and the book ends on a call to arms for black people to just be themselves, essentially. It's a good call.