Shadow Woman

Shadow Woman - Linda Howard 3 1/2 stars. Shadow Woman is definitely romantic suspense rather than suspenseful romance. It reminded me a lot of Howard's [b:Son of the Morning|420737|Son of the Morning|Linda Howard||3242744] -- not in terms of the plot, but of the action. Like in that book, the heroine Lizzy spends much of the book on the run, learning -- or in this case relearning -- survival skills; until the last quarter of the book, she interacts with the hero Xavier primarily through her dreams. This is the sort of story Howard writes very well, and the action and suspense are excellent. But that's what it's all about. The characterizations are basic -- imagine the biggest badass guy ever, imagine a smart, sassy woman in trouble. It's more like a movie than a book, really -- and there isn't anything wrong with that. For me, the main problem was that I felt as if I were expected to be far more invested in the secondary characters than I actually was, and for that reason, the ending came off as anticlimactic.It was a fun ride, but not the kind that has me saying, "I wanna go again!" at the end of it.