Return to Sender

Return to Sender - Annabeth Albert I confess, I bought this mainly to support a Twitter friend; it didn't sound that much up my alley. My reward was that I really enjoyed it. The writing is sharp and fresh, at times funny:"'I've got to go. Right now.''Bree. Take a breath.''I can't.' She finally looked at him. His stupid dick still waved optimistically in the breeze."-- and at other times offering lovely bits of characterization:"Still kissing him, she pulled his tie loose and undid his shirt buttons. She peeled away the layers of attorney, charmer and joker, each little bit of skin she revealed a fresh thrill."The characters have been frenemies since high school, so packing a lot of sex and romance into a relatively short story works, with great underlying tension that make the sex scenes really sizzle.I was a little puzzled by the backstory, not quite getting how the situation evolved so that neither Jack nor Bree were aware that their long-term attraction was mutual. But the slow erosion of the barriers between them, beginning with cybersex and progressing to an intense game of truth-or-dare, is a hot and satisfying progression.