One Wrong Move

One Wrong Move - Shannon McKenna As usual for this series, a very readable, exciting story. The relationship conflict is refreshingly different -- McKenna has been reusing some themes a lot -- and I liked Nina. Although she's spent most of her life being as close to invisible as possible, because of childhood abuse, she isn't meek at all and her spirited interactions with Aaro are fun.Aaro I liked less; he comes off as kind of whiny, and when the villains taunted him as "always moping... fucking wuss" I tended to agree with them :-( He gets more interesting and heroic towards the end of the book.It may have been bad timing, but the violence in this book seemed really gratuitous and over the top. It was especially upsetting that characters from previous books are tortured, and if pregnancy issues are a trigger for you, I would avoid this. On a technical note, the epub formatting is pretty bad. There are many misplaced hyphens and bad word breaks, but the worst faults are separated sentences -- so it looks like a new person is speaking, when it's still the same speaker -- and no breaks to indicate when points of view have changed, with confusing and sometimes comical results. I don't know how much that affected my enjoyment of the book, but it certainly stalled my reading many times.