Not Just the Greek's Wife (Harlequin Presents Series #3089)

Not Just the Greek's Wife (Harlequin Presents Series #3089) - Lucy Monroe Monroe's ping-pong conversations really spiral out of control in this book, to mix a metaphor: "She shook her head, but her thoughts refused to settle as they spun endlessly around one simple fact. 'I don't understand how you could know.''I found your pills.''In my jewelry armoire?' But he never went through her things.Only he must have. At least once.'Yes.''Why?''Does it matter?" 'Maybe it shouldn't... but I feel like it does.' If he had never trusted her and had spied on her, that put their marriage in a different light, even for her, didn't it?'I was planning a gift for you.''And you needed something in my jewelry armoire?' she asked with a fatalistic sense of doom. [Why? She already knows what happened and what he did about it!]'Yes.''When?''Is that really important?''Probably not.' The fact that he has known was the only thing that really mattered." [So why did you have two pages of pointless conversation about it?! All this conversation happens long after the fact.]Add in a whole bunch more dialog about their business dealings, which I would only type in if my Ambien prescription ran out, and this book is simply tedious beyond belief. Although there is a plot point that interested me -- Chloe has trouble eating and has gotten too thin to safely get pregnant -- the book overall was so dull I could only skim the last half, and pretty much nothing happens with that issue anyway.