Still Life with Shape-Shifter

Still Life with Shape-Shifter - Sharon Shinn 3 1/2 stars. I stayed up late finishing this, and it made me cry a few times, but I still finished it feeling -- as with the first book -- ultimately unsatisfied. I just can't seem to get the point of these stories, which all seem to be about obsessive love for shapeshifters who lead very sad, difficult lives. This story adds a twist in that the main character's love is for her shape-shifter sister -- her actual romance with a nice, normal guy seems totally anticlimactic. There's also a secondary romance, also featuring an obsessive lover.I searched for a metaphor. Does these scenarios represent caring for a special needs child? Do they represent caring for someone with a serious illness? Both readings are possible but not necessarily plausible.I guess I'll keep reading this series, if there are more books... but I hope at some point I can figure out what the hell they're suppose to be about.