Seducing Simon

Seducing Simon - Maya Banks A guy knocks up his best friend while drunk and then forgets they ever had sex... as soon as I saw that synopsis, I was all over this book. It didn't disappoint either, a fast-paced, exciting, emotional read. Because of a character link with Bank's story in [b:Four Play|7828783|Four Play|Maya Banks||10885393] I was expecting something on the kinky side, but it's pretty much straight romance and could easily have been published by Harlequin. (Small town, virgin heroine, no less. Amusingly the metadata for the story brought up the tags "erotica" and "Christian," both of which are about equally off.)If you've read Banks before, you won't find much surprising here. As usual, there's a collection of guys who all love the heroine and are very protective towards her. (I always get the feeling that even when Banks isn't writing menage, she's thinking about it. ;-) ) I've disliked the pregnant heroine/super protective hero trope in some of her books, but here it wasn't too over the top. The plot takes the expected turns, and, typically, the grammar leaves a bit to be desired. But I found it all effective and enjoyable.