To Catch a Bride

To Catch a Bride - Anne Gracie 3.5 stars. This was such a comfortable read. Likable characters, smooth writing, and the unchallenging world of the standard Regency historical -- albeit a little different, because most of the book is set in Egypt and then on shipboard, rather than in England. But still, the mood was that of a Regency historical, and it was darned pleasant, too. The main characters are Ayisha, the orphaned daughter of an Englishman, and ex-soldier Rafe, who traveled to Egypt to find her... or so he thinks. Ayisha has been living disguised as a boy since she was 13; it's a hard life, but she has a loving Egyptian foster family and is very reluctant to leave. She also has other secrets that need keeping. Unfortunately, Rafe's arrival ruins her disguise, leaving her little choice but to go to England with him. The rest is pretty much as you'd expect, though a dangerous illness and a pirate attack add some adventure, and chances for both Ayisha and Rafe to prove themselves devoted and brave.I was in just the right mood for this sort of read -- different enough to be interesting, but comfortably familiar.