Line of Scrimmage

Line of Scrimmage - Marie Force This book and I got off on the wrong foot. I found the whole set-up so repugnant: an estranged husband who decides to get his wife back 10 days before their divorce is final, and blackmails her into doing it by threatening to drag out the divorce so she can't marry her new fiance… and the new fiance is the old boyfriend she had already dumped once for her husband… I'm channeling young Alvy Singer in "Annie Hall" going, "what an asshole." How am I supposed to root for this guy when I felt so sorry for the poor fiance? And since Ryan's job in the book is to convince Susannah (and us) that he's no longer an asshole, it was not a good start.But just like a rich, sexy, devoted ex with a drawl, Line of Scrimmage won me over. In many ways the book is similar to Force's Everyone Loves a Hero, but since the couple doesn't fall in love at first sight, it's far more believable, and considerably less dysfunctional. Ryan does have reasons for his actions and he's very sincere about starting over, though not to the point of utterly ridiculous fawning over Susannah. I liked that he fought back when she was in the wrong. There's a little too much villainous melodrama and then an abrupt HEA that left some strings hanging, but it otherwise combined fun, sexy, and emotional into a very readable package. Ryan and Susannah's sad history was very well done, as was its closure; I've lived moments exactly like the ones they undergo. After the mess that was Everyone Loves a Hero, it was so nice to enjoy this one.