Something About Emmaline

Something About Emmaline - Elizabeth Boyle 3.5 stars. I fell for Emmaline at her first appearance, when she quite regretfully decides to protect her virtue from a magnificent strange man in her bedchamber. “... she couldn’t let this arrogant lout get the best of her. At least not without the appearance of a struggle.” Her cheerful lustiness reminded me of another lower-class woman posing as a lady, Julia from The Nutmeg Tree, one of my favorite books. Emmaline is also resourceful, inventive, kindhearted and gorgeous, and she easily slips under the skin of Alexander, Baron Sedgewick, a man known for his dullness. Indeed, the only adventurous thing he ever did in his life was pretend to be married. And Emmaline’s surprise at finding him in her bedchamber is nothing compared to his surprise at discovering that his imaginary wife has come to life.This is a lighthearted Regency with a convoluted plot and a lot of improbabilities -- not really my cup of tea, and I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it if I hadn’t like Emmaline so much. She’s so sweet and funny, and the romance that grows between her and Alex is warm and believable. And though generic-Regency-feeling in some ways, there was an appealing freshness to the writing.