Brook Street: Thief

Thief - Ava March Benjamin is only looking for a sexual encounter that will help him decide if he really wants men. Cavin is only looking for someone to seduce and then rob blind. Both of them find something more.The first thing that drew me to this Regency m/m romance was the cover: two gorgeous men in a pose that is troubled, yet tender. Happily, the rest of the short book lives up to that cover. Both Benjamin and Cavin feel an immediate connection -- but as Benjamin's sweetness and unfailing kindness awaken Cavin's conscience, he finds his usual mode of life unsupportable, leaving him in dire straits. As the wealthy brother of a Marquis, Benjamin could easily help him -- if only Cavin could believe he deserved help and affection.This is a gentle romance, but the sex scenes are delightfully enthusiastic and I like how the two communicate in bed. I thought the class issues and the serious potential danger in their situation were underplayed, but still appreciated the happy ending, in which Benjamin convinces Calvin that he is worthy, telling him "I have trusted you with my very self, Calvin." Awwww.