In Christofides' Keeping (Mills & Boon Modern)

In Christofides' Keeping - Abby Green This one made me go “huh?” a few times. Rico left Gypsy with a curt note after a one-night stand, yet he blames her for running out on him. Gypsy is unsure she could prove paternity after she gets pregnant, even though she didn’t sleep with anyone else. (Or I dunno, maybe that’s realistic?) Add in a lot of grammatical errors and the book just seemed kind of sloppy. On the positive side, it was fairly original for a secret baby story, because both characters are reacting to having been illegitimate babies themselves; their histories are like the results of Harlequin Presents plots gone wrong. (I had to laugh at the description of Gypsy’s tycoon father seducing a house cleaner, because it sounded exactly like a Lynne Graham story.) There are some good moments of passion and angst. But it left me feeling more that it could have been a good story than that it was one.