Her Christmas Pleasure

Her Christmas Pleasure - Karen  Erickson Since his best friend's death, Damien has been doing his best to keep his promise to look after Lawrence's widow. But Damien can no longer bear being so close to a woman he thinks he can never have, and so he plans to leave England... until an unexpected kiss under the mistletoe causes them both to reevaluate their relationship.If you like idyllic Christmas stories, this is for you. Everything is pretty much perfect. Damien thinks Celia’s an angel. Celia thinks Damien is much sexier and better hung than her late husband. Celia’s son wants a new father for Christmas. Even Celia’s in-laws love Damian and agree that it’s time for her to move on. Once the two admit their feelings for each other, it’s pretty much all over but the sexy times. In such a short story, that’s not really a problem, but the overall rosiness came off as insipid, for me.(reviewed from e-arc provided by netGalley.)