Love at First Flight

Love at First Flight - Marie Force 3.5 stars. It's been too long since I read it to write a real review of this, so here are just some random thoughts I jotted down at the time:-- For much of this book, I was leaning towards 4 stars, because even though lots of things bothered me, it was really holding my interest and I find that rare with contemporaries. I guess something about Force’s style really works for me -- maybe that it's not too cute or chicklit-ty? -- I didn’t quite understand why so much time was spent building up the relationships the characters have with other people when they meet -- especially lots of romantic flashbacks for Michael and Paige. (Virgin Paige’s first time -- do we really have to read about that?!) The exes are going to behave so badly, so what's that about?-- After their prior bad experiences, wouldn’t they be a little more cautious about falling in love so fast with a stranger?-- I really disliked that Juliana went from being dependent on one man to being dependent on another. But there was some redemption in this area that I liked.Overall, a good but kind of puzzling read. Will try her again.