Notorious (Sedikhan Series)

Notorious (Seidkhan, #17) - Iris Johansen This starts out gloriously Old Skool, with Sabin, a crazed, obsessed hero, kidnapping his step-sister-in-law Mallory, the woman he believes “owes him” her body. Fun times ahead! And indeed, there’s a classic old skool climactic scene -- that unfortunately takes place on page 31 of 136. Everything after that seemed like an anti-climax, and I was bemused by how easily the characters brush off what happened. Mallory especially, who discovers she was betrayed in a particularly horrible way Her late husband sent sexy videos of her to his brother and offered him 6 months of sex with her in exchange for money) and then apparently forgets all about it.The rest of the story is lacking any kind of sensible structure. A new plot point comes up -- Mallory is getting dependent on sleeping pills, Mallory’s film director hates her -- and then it goes away again -- she flushes them, he comes around. There’s a stalker (other than Sabin) causing a very obvious mystery and a Hitchcockian ending. Mallory thinks Sabin doesn’t love her, yadda yadda yadda. Mallory is mostly a sensible, mature character and the love scenes are pretty passionate, so it's not a total loss, but I was bummed that the promise of the beginning wasn't fulfilled.(Note for the squeamish: there’s a sex scene in which Mallory is mentally incapacitated, though Sabin doesn’t know it.)