The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - I decided to "reread" this (I listened to the audiobook the first time) before reading [b:The Dream Thieves|17347389|The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)|Maggie Stiefvater||21598446], and I'm so glad I did. Not just because there was so much I'd forgotten or missed the first time around, but because it's just so. damn. good. Also, there's a special pleasure in reading a really well done book with surprises in it, as you see all the clues you'd missed on the first read. I'll append some of my previous review, and add that I'd really recommend reading this in print -- the audiobook isn't terrible, but it doesn't do justice to the elegance of the writing:I had the impression from GoodReads reviews that Stiefvater is just another lackluster, derivative YA writer. It's harder to evaluate style when listening to an audiobook, but I thought this was terrific. The situation is haunting, the characterizations are rich, and themes of class and friendship are explored with humor and insight. Even what seems likely to become a love triangle seem original, because it's organic to the story and very lightly touched upon. (This first book in the series is not a romance.)