My Tall Dark Greek Boss - Anna Cleary This started off great -- several times it looked like the plot was going to be stupid and then it wasn't! Unfortunately, everything went off the rails eventually.Ellie and Samos share a passionate night while she's masked and incognito. A month later, she's working as his PA, and pissed that he doesn't seem to recognize or remember her. But Sam is merely respecting her demand that he never acknowledge that night in any way, while desperately trying to think of a way to get her to release him from his promise.It's kind of a rambling plotline, with lots of headhopping, and the main characters are very frustrating. Ellie keeps making strict demands on Sam and then being angry when he complies. She's impulsive and irrational and refuses to take responsibility for her her actions. And she lies for no other reason than to keep the plot going.Sam's got issues too. He's supposed to be extremely ethical, yet allows Ellie to resign her job over their relationship, and gets ticked at the slightest sign that she might put her career ahead of him (while offering her nothing concrete in the way of a relationship). I still liked him better than Ellie, because he seems to genuinely care about her, damned if I know why. Despite its flaws, there was a freshness and emotionalism to the story that I liked; it's close to 3 stars.