The Greek's Million-Dollar Baby Bargain - Julia James 3 1/2 stars. I gave this 4 stars on the first read and considering that I stayed up late to finish it again, decided to stay with that official rating. Also, I really liked that horrible Nikos changes his opinion of Ann without a big reveal of how pure and unselfish she is (though of course he gets that big reveal at the end anyway.) He realizes that she might have had perfectly human reasons for accepting his money, and why the book couldn't have just stayed with that... eh, it's a Harlequin Presents.What brought the rating down a bit was that I got soooooo tired of Ann melting like a stick of butter (or as she thinks herself -- twice! -- like honey on a hot spoon) every time Nikos drew breath. And the hypocrisy of Nikos despising someone for "selling her own flesh and blood" when he was the one who bought his nephew from her was infuriating. But there again, he has a change of heart that redeemed him and the book somewhat. So still a good read.