An Unforgettable Man - Penny Jordan Yes, this made the coveted "fabulous wallbanger" shelf! This may even be the best Penny Jordan book I've ever read... or maybe "best" isn't the right word here. More like "most exciting"... "angstiest"... "most fabulous wallbanger."The basic premise is similar to one Jordan had used before, in books like Injured Innocent: our heroine Courage (yes, that is her name) has never been in a relationship because of a youthful sexual trauma involving our hero/bastard Gideon, although she doesn't at first recognize him when they meet again. What makes this story different is partially that Jordan builds up suspense about Gideon's actions and motivations (rather than just having him snipe nastily at Courage for the entire book, as her heroes often do) and partially that Courage's feelings about the incident have a positive side. She's carrying a lot of shame, but she's also been fantasizing about that dream lover for years. And when she realizes Gideon is him and thinks he feels the same way about her -- that's when the fun really begins.Gideon is horrific, that pretty much goes without saying. What makes it work for me is that he obviously has intensely strong feelings about Courage, even against his will. We don't see his point of view, but the love/hate comes through clearly. And the payoff works: he's horrible, she suffers, he realizes what's he done and then he suffers. Just the way I like 'em.Not for the weak of heart or stomach, but a great read if you like this sort of thing.