The Divorce Party - Jennifer  Hayward I originally started this review, "This contest-winning debut doesn't bring much new to the Harlequin Presents line, but it's a solid read." In fact, another review just highlighted the fact that this book does do something which is not entirely new, but at least rare: the heroine actually has sex with another man while she and the hero are separated. The last time I remember that happening in an HP was, interestingly enough, also a winner of their new writers contest. So if you're one of the readers who finds it irksome for the hero to live it up while the heroine is a saint, here's your book.Lilly has never been comfortable with her husband's celebrity lifestyle, but she agrees to his lavish "divorce party" since it means he'll finally let her go. But once at the party, Riccardo switches tactics, bribing her to continue the marriage for six more months so he can gain the CEO position he wants. (Of course, Lilly only agrees because she has a sick sister who needs medical care... and Riccardo really asks because he can't bear to give her up.)Hayward gets into some interesting waters showing why this marriage was in trouble. Riccardo doesn't understand Lilly's discomfort with his lifestyle and he thoughtlessly ignores what she tells him, because it doesn't match his experience:"Are you going to fight me on everything?""When you ask me to get up on a stage and parade around in front of a bunch of people when you know I hate that stuff, yes."He tipped his head to one side. "You're a beautiful woman, Lilly. I never understood why you were so insecure."And he never would. He had no clue how deep her insecurities ran.What Lilly hasn't told Riccardo is that she's anorexic, and though she's mostly gotten control of it and has even gained some weight, putting herself in the limelight amongst people who worship thinness is a tremendous stressor.Lilly has made mistakes too, in not telling Riccardo the truth and in refusing to believe him when he told her he never cheated on her. This is a powerful part of the story because he admits that he was thinking about it, but couldn't go through with it. (Lilly's continued reiteration that "photos don't lie" is a weak element though.)With so much meaty conflict between the two, I was disappointed when the plot went to a very obvious, cliched place. It is possible to have people work out their problems without a pregnancy forcing them to stay together! Especially since we know how well that works in real life. But it was interesting to see some real life issues as they might play out in the fantasy world of Harlequin Presents. I'll be checking out this author's next book.(Reviewed from e-arc provided by NetGalley. This title is available at the Harlequin site starting 9/1/13, and at other sites 10/1/13.)