Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child - Melanie Milburne My favorite moment of this book:"His mouth was still locked on hers as his hands lifted her cock-"turn the page for "tail dress." And people say print books are better than ereaders!So this was not a Harlequin Presents with a transgender heroine, but a mostly typical secret baby story. It's still kind of wacky. Bronte is a pretty reasonable human being at first, but then starts flying off the handle at the slightest provocation. Perhaps it's because of crazy-making Luca -- with him, the author seemes to want to have her old school cake and eat it too. He switches from sensitive guy to ruthless tyrant and back again so fast my head swam. And a guy who would rather blackmail and threaten a woman than simply tell her he'd broken her heart because he'd been ill -- seriously? You have to wonder if it was really a physical illness he suffered from or actually a mental health issue.