The Wayward Son - Yvonne Lindsay Lindsay is one of the few "Desire" authors I like, and this is a smoothly written story which is surprisingly low-key, despite the revenge and big misunderstanding themes. For example, when Anna tells Judd she's not sleeping with his father, he believes her immediately instead of drawing it out for another 100 pages. I had a couple of issues with it though. I found it odd that Judd's father only questioned the paternity of his oldest child and never appeared to wonder about his younger daughter. And there was a double ick factor to the story: supposedly both Anna and her mother had slept with Judd's father, and Judd plans to seduce her away from him. It's not true, of course (except for the part about her mother sleeping with him, which in itself always makes me a little uneasy in a romance) but just the fact that no one pondering this supposed situation once went, "ewww" made the book ring false to me.Aside from the logic fails, I enjoyed it. The loves scenes are very sensual and the emotional aspects are lightly but effectively drawn.