Marriage: To Claim His Twins (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) - Penny Jordan I suppose complaining because a Penny Jordan title is full of slut-shaming is like complaining because water is wet. Still, this one is pretty over the top, even for her. Assuming that the woman you slept with six years ago(when she was drunk incidentally) is totally worthless, even after discovering she was only 17 at the time, makes your standard Jordan alphole look like Prince Charming. Sandor's mommy issues are so bad, he wonders, "A woman who loved both money and her children? Was that possible?" And he's none too bright, either, since he practically thinks Ruby's out walking the streets every night, but it doesn't ever occur to him to use a condom. Ruby is your standard perfect mother/martyred doormat, also taken over the top. It's all about her kids, all the time. And what the hell is this: "...she was determined never, ever to begin a relationship with anyone. A changing parade of 'uncles' and 'stepfathers' wasn't what she wanted for her boys." I guess she doesn't think much of herself either, if she thinks it's impossible she could stop at one stepfather.I'll give it two stars for being pretty riveting, but then there's hardly any pay-off at the end! Pretty disappointing for an old-skool fix.