Summer Seduction - Daphne Clair A lovely, unusual, character-driven romance. Blythe is aptly named, a happy, confident young woman, competent, artistic and creative, who has friendliness to spare even for her withdrawn, taciturn new neighbor. Jas is a mathematician and musician who's never been good with people, and whose life had none of the security and love Blythe's has had. They bond through being somewhat isolated, and through sharing their passions -- never did I think to encounter discussions of the Fibonacci Sequence in a Harlequin Presents. There isn't a whole lot of plot or exciting conflict, but a realistic falling in love which is complicated by Jas's insecurities and personal demons. If this book were written today, he'd probably be given Aspergers syndrome -- since it was written in 1998, he's more a product of his loveless environment.There was one odd sort of plothole Jas mentions that he married his wife because she was pregnant. Blythe doesn't react to this at all and is shocked to learn later that he had a child. but overall this is excellent. Trigger warning: Jas had a special needs child, who died.