Gold Ring of Betrayal - Michelle Reid You can have your pick of reasons to hate this book: hypocritical rapey hero, illogical heroine, or tortured purple prose. Or you can just enjoy the ride. The prose actually calms down fairly soon, or else I got used to it, though I continued to be amused by Reid's creative way of making virtually any word into the equivalent of "he said.":"'Fabia will see to the child,' he ordained. 'We have unfinished business to discuss here.''Except I prefer to see to Lia myself.''And I am telling you you cannot!' he snapped, then made an effort to get ahold of himself. 'This is more important. So leave it,' he clipped."And then there was this fabulous comment, "grated" and "snarled" by Nicolas:"'I worshipped the very ground you stood upon! You were mine -- mine!' He shook her hard. 'I found you! I woke you! I owned this beautiful body and those beautiful words!'"I really wasn't in the right mood for a book involving lots of child angst -- The book begins with their daughter kidnapped, and later she gets meningitis -- especially with that used as a way of making a hero suffer for his sins. So this wasn't an entirely satisfying cathartic read for me. Enjoyable, though.