Just One Last Night - Helen Brooks 3 1/2 stars. Could someone please buy Helen Brooks some commas for Christmas? This was mostly an excellent read, but it's not fun to continually have to stop to decipher a sentence.Melanie and Forde are on the verge of divorce, a divorce she initiated and he fought against. When they wind up in bed one night and Melanie gets pregnant, Forde finally begins to understand the grief and guilt that's been driving Melanie to push him away.Forde is a lovely man: tender, devoted, and determined. Melanie may seem annoying to some readers, but I found her backstory and subsequent emotional stunting relatable. This is a good read for those who like angst without any villains or external conflict; it was heading for 4 stars, but poor editing and a loss of tension in the last several chapters brought it down.Trigger warning: Their first baby was stillborn.